VEGA Americas
Mason, Ohio

Vega Americas’s new headquarters in Mason, Ohio consists of an office building + high-bay manufacturing building. The office building includes two levels of open floor-plan office + collaboration space, several conference + training rooms, a large-scale training laboratory, and additional amenity spaces including a servery/micromarket food area + fitness area. The manufacturing building includes a clean room, meter calibration laboratory, quality assurance inspection area, rapid prototyping area, manufacturing office, maintenance area (with mezzanine above), and an assembly/storage area with incorporated overhead bridge cranes.

The office building was constructed with steel composite floor framing and conventional steel roof framing above cast-in-place concrete foundations. It’s clad with cold-formed metal framing and various architectural finishes including brick, composite metal paneling, and glazing. The manufacturing building was constructed with conventional steel roof framing supported by load-bearing precast concrete wall panels along the building’s perimeter and cast-in-place concrete foundations. The interiors of both buildings included concrete unit masonry and cold-formed metal framing walls + partitions.

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