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Bridget Lohbeck, PE, SE
Project Manager


Purdue University

Master of Science, Civil Engineering

University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering


Previously worked as a co-op student for five semesters

Joined Schaefer full-time in 2018

what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

My pursuit of structural engineering happened by chance. I blindly applied to the architectural engineering program at University of Cincinnati because I love art and enjoyed math/science, so it felt like a good compromise. I appreciate architecture, from the old, stone buildings of ancient Rome to new, high-tech skyscrapers. Structural engineering took one of my fascinations and made it a career.

why did you choose to join schaefer?

I joined Schaefer in 2013 as a University of Cincinnati co-op student and stayed for several rotations, leaving Schaefer as I left the city of Cincinnati to pursue a graduate degree at Purdue University. After graduation, I looked into career opportunities around the country, but I chose to come back to Schaefer. Working here is exciting – the diversity of projects, the awesome people and the culture. It feels like a big family and I’m excited to be back.

Bridget Crowley
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