Sharonville Police Department
Sharonville, Ohio

The Sharonville Police Department needed its own facility – it had taken residence in the city’s municipal building where it had far outgrown its needs. This police department will soon upgrade from a shared facility to a new home that spans two buildings.

Building 1 will have individual office spaces as well as open-office layout areas, dispatch, and training spaces. It will also have a storm shelter that is designed to withstand tornadoes and the weight of the structure above collapsing onto it. Building 1 will be steel-framed with cold-formed steel framing walls.

Building 2 will be constructed from CMU panels. Inside, there will be a holding area, evidence storage, forensics department and garage maintenance.

Outside, the team designed steel canopies over police vehicle parking. Both buildings are designed to accommodate the department’s future growth.

Contributing Team Members:

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