Hisle Park Apartments
Portsmouth, Ohio

The Portmouth Municipal Housing Authority recently completed a new affordable housing complex with a unique purpose. Hisle Park Apartments, a three-story structure, is an affordable housing community serving 18-24 year olds who have aged out of the foster care system. The transitional housing helps the young adults connect with education + employment services, and physical + mental health services. The 45-unit facility is a mix of one, two + three-bedroom layouts to serve individuals + families.

Schaefer provided the structural engineering design for the complex. The building configuration, that is shaped around a courtyard + garden, led to a unique connection corridor between the two separate wood-framed apartment buildings. Schaefer collaborated with the architect to design a steel-framed structure that would preserve the entry design elements and serve as a connection between the two towers.

Poor soils caused many issues with the foundation type and building placement. Schaefer collaborated with the general contractor, architect + geotechnical engineer to determine the right solution for this project; as a team, they decided to incorporate deep concrete foundations.

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