Cincinnati Ballet Margaret + Michael Valentine Center for Dance
Cincinnati, Ohio

The new Cincinnati Ballet Margaret + Michael Valentine Center for Dance found its home on a unique site in Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood. The new facility provides the additional space the Ballet needs to grow.

The three-story building houses nine dance studios, a dedicated dancer lounge with dressing rooms + quiet space, offices, physical therapy space through Mercy Health, and an outdoor event terrace. Also included is the Rhonda + Larry A. Sheakley Premier Studio with seating for guests for educational demonstrations.

The team managed site + program challenges by using multiple structural systems, including mildly reinforced concrete two-way flat slabs, post-tensioned concrete two-way flat slabs + structural steel framing. To provide a dramatic view from the interstate and mimic the shape of a dancer, the team utilized sloping exterior steel columns.

Inside, the team managed vibration + acoustic requirements in dance studios located above quiet office areas. Exposed queen post trusses along with multiple transfer conditions were used to create large spans over the studios. With a goal to make ballet accessible to all, large windows offer performers + guests unique views of downtown, and also provide an opportunity to engage those outside the building as well.

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  • I’m planning to organize a small theater production that is a form of an adaptation and reinterpretation of a movie I saw when I was a kid, and it uses flying effects since all of the characters are flying in the movie. It’s fascinating to know that ballasts are responsible for anchoring everything seen at the stage so that everything’s stable. I think I’ll hire someone to create this effect for me since I’m not familiar with how roof systems work.

  • How much ballast do I need for a 20ft lighting tower? truss weight and lighting units (hung on top 10ft) totalling 900 lbs

    • Each installation is unique and should be reviewed for site constraints. We’ll reach out via email to understand your installation better.

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