SoFi Stadium
Los Angeles, California

Schaefer provided specialty structural engineering services for the aluminum box trusses supporting the lighting, speakers + AV equipment for the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

The truss system consists of 18 total trusses spanning anywhere from 60-75 feet encompassing the perimeter of the stadium.  The trusses are designed on a system to raise + lower the trusses for maintenance and lock in place in their final “up” position.  The hoisting system and anchorage was designed to connect to the uniquely designed roof structure for the stadium.  Truss deflections played a critical role in the support of lighting to both NFL requirements under seismic + wind loads.

Schaefer worked with LA Propoint in Los Angeles who provided additional design, integration, rigging, fabrication + installation of the unique system for this venue.

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