Integrity Express Logistics
Blue Ash, Ohio

Integrity Express Logistics, which currently occupies the top two floors of the new office building, plans to continue to grow at a rate to eventually occupy the entire four story building on its own. Until then, office space for tenants on the lower two floors, which can seat 300 occupants each, is available.

The design within the initial IEL office space called for an open stairwell that was not only for transportation between the third and fourth floors, but also as a seating area for firm gatherings. Schaefer’s structural engineers designed the floor below the multi-use stairwell for additional weight and stiffened the structure in the adjacent bays to control vibration.

The structure’s comprised of steel framing on shallow spread footings. It has deep rib metal deck over wide flange beams at the roof, and concrete slab on metal deck over composite steel beams at the elevated floors. Steel braced frames provide lateral support for the building. Its exterior facade is made up of a precast concrete panel and curtain wall system.

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