Schaefer’s holiday giving campaigns center around community. Traditionally, it has included food or drink kits to make + enjoy together; however, this year’s COVID-19 constraints require individual experiences with community impact.

This year’s campaign centers around some of our neighbors hit the hardest, but the ones that make us feel the most at home: restaurants. With a goal to support local, we partnered with some of our hometown favorites: Mazunte in Cincinnati, Ohio; Hot Chicken Takeover in Columbus, Ohio; and Gadzooks Enchiladas + Soup in Phoenix, Arizona. Each of our client contacts will receive $20 to the restaurant partner nearest them, and the opportunity to choose between two options of what to do with it.

Option 1 | Pay it forward. Recipients can take the $20 gift card and use it to feed their families or treat a friend to a meal. They could support someone within their networks by delivering takeout to a colleague with a new baby or a neighbor who has been homebound for months.

Option 2 | Pay it back. It’ll go back to the restaurant that will deliver $20 worth of meals to our neighbors who need them. For this, we’ve partnered with YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Hot Chicken Takeover + Food Rescue US (to serve local homeless shelters) and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Schaefer has projects + valued contacts in every state. Individuals outside of our hometowns received the same offer with Visa gift cards. Recipients who take the card can use it however they want: treat themselves, buy a toy to donate to a children’s holiday campaign or even donate to a charity. By paying it back, the $20 goes back to our restaurant partners to feed our neighbors in need.

In total, we’re putting $10,000 back into our communities. We hope our contribution can enhance our communities.


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