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Kristin DeBord
Marketing Manager
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University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing & Communication


People manager of marketing team

Leads Schaefer’s content marketing + promotional activity initiatives

Recipient | Society for Marketing Professional Services Marketer of the Year

Recipient | Society for Marketing Professional Services Flying Pig Award



Society for Marketing Professional Services

what has been your most satisfying experience on the job?

I’m most satisfied when I have complete an initiative that assists and/or delights internal stakeholders. Some of my favorites have been:

  • A well-received direct mail campaign that generated buzz for a new office and succeeded in starting conversations and building brand awareness
  • Hosting events, including our recent 40th anniversary party, that gather our staff and our industry partners to celebrate the incredible work we’ve done together
  • Working with our smart structural engineers to write blog posts that have created value for our readers and bring thousands more visitors to our website every month

why are you proud to work for Schaefer?

I work for a firm that designs large, national projects, but feels like a tight-knit community. I’m tasked with leading our field every day by delivering value to clients (and our clients’s clients), and by sharing our unique story that is the foundation of our firm philosophy. I’m proud to work with smart, creative structural engineers who are passionate about their field and treat each project as if it were their own building, as they appreciate the marketing materials we produce that reflect the true nature of who we are today.

Kristin DeBord Marketing Manager Cincinnati Office Schaefer
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