David Black Lift-Off Sculpture
Washington, DC

Schaefer performed a structural analysis of a 19-foot high, 39- by 29-foot David Black sculpture on the southwest corner of the City Vista Plaza at Fifth and K Streets in Washington, D.C. Lift Off is a transparent, canopy-like structure that spreads out while not interrupting pedestrian movement. This sculpture is constructed of welded 3/8-inch by 1/2-inch aluminum plate and designed with a small floodlight placed at the end of each of the four cross-beams to illuminate the light yellow origami-inspired scallop forms. A small, double seat is to be placed at the central base inviting pedestrians to relax, visually explore the sculpture or use as a photo backdrop. The sculpture is designed in coordination with the paving pattern, the planned outdoor restaurant seating and pedestrian movement patterns across the plaza and along the sidewalks.

Contributing Team Members: