Hollywood H
Hollywood, California

Before we even get started – if you’re wondering how this project came to be, here’s the whole story for you to read.

When the original Hollywood sign was dismantled, its component sheet metal ended up in a warehouse until it was purchased at auction in 2007 by renowned relief artist Bill Mack, who envisioned the metal facing panels as a canvas for his artwork. Through this medium, he would pay tribute to some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and actresses. The 45 ft tall x 33.5 ft wide structure had to be supported while on display. The support structure had to be portable (Mack wanted to tour his piece), but also permanent, for use by the potential buyer.

There were several challenges encountered in the design process. Understanding the size and scale of the structure is important to also understanding what type of framing system might be used to accommodate the sheet metal face. The final design is comprised of W18 columns with HSS10x3 girt framing for support of the face panel frames, all supported on a steel base frame. As a result, and true to its history, the metal from the H stands once again as an advertising icon, the original sign’s face metal carefully restored, supported on a structure designed by Schaefer – to whom Bill Mack affectionately refers as the Rock and Roll Engineers.

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