1010 On-the-Rhine
Cincinnati, Ohio

1010 On-the-Rhine is an 18 story building that includes two levels of Kroger grocery, eight levels of parking, and eight levels of apartments.

The structural system is a cast-in-place concrete frame with concrete shear walls as the lateral system. The parking and residential floors are two-way post-tensioned flat plates, and the retail floors are two-way mildly reinforced flat slabs to give Kroger more flexibility for penetrations, equipment, etc. Parking levels 2-5 have a helical shaped ramp outside of the main building footprint while levels 5-10 have a split slab system allowing cars to reach the other levels within the footprint of the building. (Read more about the parking design here.)

Schaefer collaborated with the design team to accommodate each program’s requirements, resulting in sloping column conditions and shear walls that shift locations and change geometry at various heights.

Contributing Team Members:

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