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Katt Price, PE
Project Manager


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Team Leader | People Manager of a Team of Engineers
Has designed 100+ Industrial Structures
Specializes in Tilt-Up Construction
Chair of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s Technical Committee
Mentors Schaefer Structural Engineers
Joined Schaefer as a Co-op Student in 2009


what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

When I was a kid, I thought castles were cool and decided I wanted to build one for myself – complete with multi-level towers, secret passages, and a moat. When I got older, I realized the moat was impractical, but the rest, I could do. So then the question became – structural engineering or architecture? When a high school teacher casually addressed structural engineering as “the math side of architecture,” I was set. Structural engineering was for me, and I haven’t looked back since.

why do you enjoy living in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Cincinnati is so diverse. The weather constantly changes, the local food is fantastic, and there’s so much to do, whether it’s picking apples in a nearby orchard or riding roller coasters at Kings Island, perusing the zoo’s Festival of Lights or cheering on the Reds/Cyclones/Bearcats/FCC. The city is renovating itself into a hip, downtown atmosphere with plenty of rural and suburban activities for the younger families and outdoorsy folk. All of that with a cool German history and awesome Italian architecture. I love this city; there’s no where else like it.

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