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Chandler Harlow
Design Engineer
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University of Cincinnati

Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Previously worked as a Schaefer co-op student for four semesters

Joined Schaefer in 2022

what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

My career path into engineering started with the cliché of playing with LEGO sets + Lincoln Logs. I always enjoyed the physical nature of designing buildings. I wanted to have the ability to point at something and say, “I designed that; that’s my hard work there.” Helping people and developing useful + efficient structures is an added plus.

why did you choose to join schaefer?

I co-oped with the Cincinnati office a total of four times over the course of my education and enjoyed every second of it, even the weird semi-virtual semester during 2020. Being surrounded by knowledgeable engineers with a culture that focuses on the people is a huge plus.

Chandler Harlow
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or call me at 513.542.3300

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