Along with the announcement of our new president, Greg Riley, we’re also celebrating two additional team member advancements. Ryan Konst, PE, CPSM, previously vice president, was appointed to executive vice president. Sally Wehrman is now our first female vice president, previously human resource director.

“Ryan and Sally have been and will continue to be key to Schaefer’s success,” remarked Greg Riley. “Ryan has always been focused on moving forward, both personally and professionally. He was the driving force behind the opening of our Columbus office eleven years ago and continues to lead the firm’s growth through strategy and planning.

Sally has always been a part of the discussions surrounding firm initiatives. She is our sounding board for how corporate decisions will trickle down and affect our people. She’s someone we all trust to keep our best interests at the forefront.”

In Ryan’s new role, he’ll lead the firm’s strategy and planning, as well as the marketing and information technology teams. By partnering with leaders within our organization, he’ll unify our actions on our pursuit to lead the field. Ryan has been with the firm for 16 years and is based out of our Columbus office.

Sally remains focused on the overall management and empowerment of our team members. Sally joined Schaefer in 2008 and is based in our Cincinnati office.

Robert Rogers, vice president in charge of operations, and Nate Baugh, controller, join Greg, Ryan, and Sally as part of Schaefer’s leadership team.

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