Kings Island Banshee
Mason, Ohio

Banshee is the longest inverted coaster in the world with 7 inversions including a loop over the lift hill. It takes 32 riders in 3 trains up to 68 mph through 4,124 ft of inverted track. It climbs 167 ft and has a first drop of 150 ft. Schaefer designed the drilled pier and pier cap foundations and the ride station for Banshee at Kings Island.

Due to the interference of existing underground structures from previous attractions, special concrete beams, pedestals and foundations had to be designed around several problem areas. Poor soils in some areas of the site necessitated much larger drilled piers. Schaefer designed over 200 drilled piers and pier caps to support the ride on a heavily sloped site, some as large at 60” and as deep as 36’.

The ride station is a gothic-themed 2-story open structure with 23 cantilevered columns above an elevated concrete loading slab with braced frames and spread footing foundations. The structure also includes a steep, sloped roof, an operator booth, and retail space under the loading area.

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