Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare
Los Angeles, California

The Double Loop Dare stunt produced by Hot Wheels double dared two stunt professionals to race Hot Wheels inspired cars up to 53 mph through a “double loop”. Once, through the double loop, drivers jumped to a 21 ft high landing ramp and skidded to a stop.

Schaefer provided a structural review of the double loop, ramps, and run-up to the loop. The double loop, 66 ft tall with a 60 ft inside diameter, weighed over 230,000 lbs and is made almost entirely out of welded A36 steel plate. The ramps and run-up are comprised mostly of scaffolding covered with plywood deck.

The Double Loop Dare broke the Guinness World Record for driving the largest loop in a car. The event was broadcast live by ABC from the X Games.

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