Allstate Field Goal Net Rigging

Since 2005, Schaefer has designed support for field goal nets at 40+ universities. Providing a backdrop for field goals, the nets prevent footballs from flying into the stands. The nets are raised and lowered for every field goal attempt, and most of the support hardware is completely removable. Schaefer reviewed each stadium structure and recommended attachment locations; the team presented unique solutions and collaborated with each university to provide the best solutions for each facility. 

Contributing Team Members:


  • Hello, does anyone have any information on how much the equipment to raise and lower the Allstate netting costs, and where to get it/how to install it? My son attends UVA and they just leave the netting up for the entire game, which makes it very difficult for the students to see the action on the field from the student lawn seating behind the goalpost. Thank you!

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