Our most valuable resource is our people.

While our people have very important jobs at Schaefer, they also have very important jobs at home. For over a decade, Schaefer’s approach to new technology was with flexibility in mind – all of our team members work from laptops so that they can easily transition from their office desks to huddle rooms, and from their home desks to site visits. But even before laptops + cell phones could keep us connected from literally anywhere, Schaefer leaders empowered their team members to set their own schedules, and to adjust for that dentist appointment, child’s ballet recital or to balance out a packed week.

That approach allowed us to seamlessly transition to remote work at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic using all of the same systems we had been using every day. It was also during the pandemic that we decided to expand our flexible approach and write it into formal policy.

What does flexibility mean at Schaefer?

Flexible work arrangements plan

We believe in collaborative + creative designs, and that there’s value in achieving them together, brainstorming design solutions in a huddle room. We believe in our people + culture as our differentiators, and that there’s value in interacting together, playing an old school game of ping pong.

We also realize that some of our current + future team members want to work a hybrid schedule moving forward. Now, every team member has the opportunity to work a hybrid in-office/remote schedule. Depending on business need, team members can work remotely up to three days a week.

Location statuses (in-office, working remotely) can be updated within our messaging platform so that colleagues know the best way to communicate with each other – whether it’s a video chat or stopping by their desks.

Our busiest in-office days align with culture events like Grill Days, Chili Days, staff meetings, and lunch + learns.

Remote team members

Prior to March 2020, we found success in expanding our workforce to include remote team members based out of cities outside of our three office locations, and have continued to bring on talented team members from across the country over the past several years.

Today, we’re happy to have 10+ remote team members across the country, and are always looking for incredible people to join our team.

Maintaining an inclusive culture regardless of office location, or lack thereof, is a goal that our leadership team is very cognizant. Some successes have been video communication for informal + formal meetings, producing a bi-monthly e-newsletter made up of entirely team member-submitted off-the-clock content, informal video happy hours + lunches amongst our remote team members, and inclusion + leadership in firm planning + initiatives. We continue to listen to feedback and gain inspiration from others in how to maintain our culture as we grow + adapt with our people in mind.

Flexibility has been + still is a top differentiator for our firm. We continue to monitor + offer opportunities to further develop our culture of connectedness whether our people are in the office or out. And to provide our people the flexibility to complete the structural work that enhances our communities while having the time to be a part of them.



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