Some of us are born knowing our passion. Some of us don’t know it until we see it.
At Schaefer, we believe in providing diverse opportunities, both internally + in our communities, to find + elevate our people’s passions.

Forget a one-size-fits-all approach; we believe in customized career paths + professional development plans, whether you:

  • Love numbers + are heavy technical
  • Enjoy collaborating with clients + partners and take on mostly project management duties
  • Like mentoring + managing
  • Are passionate about markets/material types (+ share thought leadership on a larger platform)
  • Have a head for the bigger picture + manage the state of the business in a leadership role

It takes all of these types of people (+ more) to make Schaefer a Best Firm to Work For.

Why do people come to + stay at Schaefer?

> project diversity

> stock ownership

> flexible schedules/remote work

> culture

> professional development

How do we support our engineers in developing their career paths? Empowerment + exposure.

  • Career path planning sheets that identify outreach + training that align with overarching career goals
  • Project diversity – Schaefer designs for 10 markets + encourages diverse personal portfolios
  • Independent training budget to spend according to individual interests
  • Annual internal team reformation to work with + for a variety of personalities + experience levels
  • Opportunities to develop internal initiatives outside of technical work – innovation, sustainability, client experience, and diversity + inclusion
  • Feedback-driven with regular check-ins, individual development plan setting + formal reviews
  • Early project + relationship ownership
  • Annual SMART Conference for all internal team members to learn from colleagues + external experts (+ it’s a lot of fun)

At Schaefer, there’s no required path, no pre-determined development. Healthy things grow – in support of our strengths + in what challenge us. We support our people along the way. We’re looking to partner with clients and hire individuals that bring their best every day.

I had found my technical passion – I’m an entertainment engineer. What I craved was an opportunity to develop others. I took advantage of relevant trainings like giving + receiving feedback + leadership development. Schaefer helped me develop + achieve my goal.
[laura goodman, PE | senior project manager]

We’re Schaefer, a structural engineering firm with a national footprint. We’re always looking for smart, creative people to join our team.



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