Phoenix vs. Cincinnati/Columbus Structural Engineering

Different parts of the country have special nuances to consider when designing buildings. For instance, if the project is in California, it will most likely require high seismic analysis and design due to the higher likelihood of an earthquake. Or if the project is along the Florida coastline, it will almost certainly need to be designed for some high wind loads in case of hurricanes. It’s also critical to have awareness of the regional distinctions including building materials, common construction practices, and type of soil, to name a few. Familiarity with these differences due to geographic location is what separates a well-seasoned, successful structural engineer from an average one.

Schaefer’s licensed in all 50 states and has designed almost 100 projects in Arizona, but for our engineers who have never designed in The Grand Canyon State, or for myself who has never designed a structure in Ohio, here’s a quick breakdown of how our hometowns compare.

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