Schaefer partnered with Doodles + Digits, a math education resource, to explain how structural engineers use math every day. Project Manager Fae Garstang, PE helped explain to Doodles + Digits’ youth audience how + what type of math principles are important for structural engineering.

Partnering with Doodles + Digits was a natural fit – Schaefer regularly participates in educational programs + events focused on introducing the next generation to the architecture/engineering/construction industry.

Many of our team members participate in elementary career days, explaining what engineers do. Schaefer team members may also connect with local middle + high school students through two programs: CPS Strong and Makers+Shakers. CPS Strong, hosted by University of Cincinnati College of Engineering + Applied Science, is a six-week summer physics course available to Cincinnati Public School students. Physics is a prerequisite course for some engineering colleges and CPS is a district that lacks physics class availability for all its students. CPS Strong fills the physics credit gap.

Makers+Shakers is a Schaefer internal initiative that literally shows structural engineering at work. Volunteers educate students about basic structural engineering principles and guide them through building a K’nex tower that is tested against earthquake tremors on a shake table.

Schaefer believes in connecting with students early in their education to present structural engineering as a career option, and to help build the next generation of our industry to better reflect the diversity found in the communities in which we work.


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