“We pride our firm on our entrepreneurial spirit. When an employee asks to pursue a new market, after reasonable consideration, we ask that employee to lead the charge. When an employee wants to specialize in a new building material, we do the same. And when an employee wants to move to a new city, and wants to stay with the firm, after reasonable consideration, we open a new office. That’s how Schaefer is expanding across the country,” said Schaefer President, Jim Miller.

Travis McCoy, full-time Schaefer structural engineer for the past 9 years, announced his interest in relocating from the firm’s Cincinnati office to Phoenix, Arizona last summer. Travis “was ready for a move personally, but not professionally. [He] believe[d] in Schaefer and want[s] to lead it into its next chapter by opening a third office.” After research and deliberation, a new office plan was approved; Travis moved to Phoenix in August 2015 and began work in a leased space downtown.

After reflecting on the future of both Schaefer and Travis in Phoenix, today Schaefer announced the official launch of its third office. With the support of over 60 staff members in the firm’s two Ohio offices, Travis has access to resources to not only work in Phoenix, but to grow Schaefer’s presence there. With an aggressive growth strategy, a Phoenix-based structural engineer position is open.

Schaefer, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has designed projects in every state, including over 60 projects in Arizona alone. With past success, the firm is confident in its ability to design and compete in the Greater Phoenix community. This is not the first time the firm has followed an employee into a new city; Ryan Konst, Schaefer Vice President, opened Schaefer’s Columbus office ten years ago this fall.

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