Effective August 31, 2017, Greg Riley, PE, SE is Schaefer’s new president. Greg, a professional structural engineer at Schaefer for the past 22 years, started with the firm after college and accepted leadership roles as team leader, operations leader and vice president before attaining the nomination as the firm’s next president.

Jim Miller, PE, SE, president for the past eleven years, began transition planning three years ago collaborating with Schaefer’s board of directors to secure his successor, recommending Greg based on his engineering acumen, leadership aptitude and passion for the progression and continued success of the firm. Jim will continue with the firm, moving into a production engineer role.

Schaefer’s new leadership team: Robert Rogers, PE, SE (bottom left), Greg Riley, PE, SE (top left), Sally Wehrman (top middle), Nate Baugh, CPA (bottom right) and Ryan Konst, PE, CPSM (top right).

I’ve enjoyed my tenure as Schaefer president, always looking to what’s next for our firm, including who would lead us once I was ready to step down,” said Jim Miller. “Working with Greg over the past 22 years, I’ve seen an incredibly smart kid grow into an open and honest leader who has the respect of our colleagues, clients and partners. I’m excited to be a part of what our firm accomplishes with Greg as president.”

“Schaefer has been successful because its leaders have never lost sight of our founding principles, which I intend to continue. We value creative ideas, innovative techniques and materials for safer and more efficient buildings, confident designs with clients’ goals in mind, and smart but approachable people who bring their best every day,” remarked Greg Riley. “Our people enhance communities through smart, innovative structures.

I couldn’t be more proud to join the ranks of Schaefer presidents. I’ve worked closely with both of our past presidents, both of whom will still be a part of the firm. I can’t thank them enough for being the leaders and mentors that I strive to be.”

Greg earned a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering, respectively, from University of Cincinnati. Because of his leadership roles and Schaefer’s diverse portfolio, Greg has experience in all of the firm’s markets, including leading a specialized team dedicated to entertainment projects that range from large theaters and arenas to temporary stages. Some of his most high profile projects include Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts, Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500 and Wayfair Fulfillment Center. He’s presented training seminars to Ohio Building Officials Association and Southwestern Ohio Building Officials Association, and has had technical articles run in industry publications.

This is not the first time Schaefer’s president has moved out of leadership into a production engineer role. After Jim Miller succeeded Schaefer’s founder, Steve Schaefer, as president, Steve transitioned into a part-time engineer working on some of the firm’s most unique projects, which he’s still doing today.

Hear from Jim + Greg [VIDEO].

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