Schaefer partners with ERChealth to offer voluntary programs and education to help team members live healthier lifestyles. As participants in the program, Schaefer team members complete surveys, check-ins and check-ups for improved knowledge of personal wellness as well as to reduce our healthcare costs.

For our first year in the program, Schaefer was recognized with the Rookie of the Year Award based on our higher-than-most engagement. We realized 77% participation in the preventative care program and hosted mental and physical activities including on-site yoga classes, group lessons on stress management and movement, and positive feedback generated for team members through a National Gratitude Day activity.

(Left) ERChealth honored Schaefer with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award for the Southwest Ohio region.
(Right) Nate Baugh and Lauren Lonce received the award on behalf of Schaefer.

Through the program, Schaefer participants have advantages of free access to local fitness centers, on-site professional wellness coaching, group education classes and many others. Since joining, two team members with hypertension lowered their numbers and three team members reduced their BMI (body mass index).

Together we made significant strides to incorporate wellbeing as a part of our Schaefer culture and set a foundation for continued success in 2018 and beyond.


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