Phoenix, Arizona

The Beadle has been restored to one cool office building.

Schaefer provided the structural engineering for the historic renovation that transformed the outdated space into a unique + modern landmark building. Originally designed + built as an office building, it continues to serve the same purpose with private offices as well as spaces to gather.

The existing three-story building was constructed with steel beams + columns atop a concrete slab. Because no existing drawings existed, Schaefer performed a level 1 visual observation + assessment and field-verified conditions to validate + deliver on the architect’s vision.

Updates included designing foundation + wall supports for a new inset wall-glazing system and new window + door openings. For an open aesthetic, Schaefer + the architect collaborated on solutions to expose ceilings while keeping structural elements within the walls. Schaefer designed with cold-formed metal framing + steel to support new soffit ceilings + rooftop units, respectively.

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