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Tara Flaherty
Design Engineer


University of Michigan

Master of Science, Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Joined Schaefer in 2022


Tau Beta Pi

what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

I have always had an appreciation for buildings and their beauty. I wanted to be a part of the process of creating buildings and found that structural engineering was the best fit for me.

why did you choose to join schaefer?

I was interested in Schaefer’s scope of work, team culture + growth mindset. I have enjoyed being a part of various athletic teams throughout my life and was looking to find a similar atmosphere in my working environment. Schaefer organizes people to work together and share a common goal. There is friendly competition and pursuit to improve to be the best in the field.

Tara Flaherty Design Engineer Cincinnati Office Schaefer
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or call me at 513.542.3300

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