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Shawn Daley
Senior Modeler


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering Technology


Specializes in retail

Lead modeler for 200+ projects; 150+ are retail projects

Detailed projects in 22 states

Joined Schaefer in 1994

what has been your most satisfying experience on the job?

It’s extremely satisfying to see a project that I worked on either during construction or completed, knowing that you had something to do with how it was put together.

why are you proud to work for Schaefer?

I have been here for 20+ years; the company has been good to me throughout.

Schaefer is always on the leading edge of technology. When I started, we were using CAD when many other companies were still hand drafting. When modeling technology became available, we pushed ahead while many were still working in 2D.

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