April 1, 2013 is opening day for the new us. Along with our new name, Schaefer, we have also updated our look. With the help of our clients, we realize that our 30+ year old brand no longer portrayed us as the firm we have become. We decided it was time to align our brand with the best and strongest parts of who we are, and position our company for the future. We are not stereotypical engineers that are narrow-minded, non-communicative and want to be left alone in a corner. We are smart, approachable, innovative, creative and confident structural experts. We are hands-on structural engineers energized by solving complex problems. And we realize the challenges we solve are greater than any one individual. The key is to communicate, stay open-minded and realize good ideas can come from any individual on the team.

While our new brand portrays who we have become AND positions us for the future, it also recognizes our proud 36-year history of structural engineering. It builds on a solid record of strong problem-solving and an unwavering commitment to clients. All of us at Schaefer are excited about our rebrand. It places us in a great position to grow, to be successful, and to help our clients be successful.

Please ask any of us about our new “look” as you visit our web site and learn more about…Schaefer. Let us know what you think!

Jim Miller | President



  • Great to hear about the much anticipated rebrand! This is a wonderful breath of fresh air, the look and feel is crisp and clean, happy spring Schaefer!e

  • Congratulations to all the fine folks at SCHAFER! It’s been great working with Steven Schaefer. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the new generation of Schaefer.

  • Congrats on your new image SCHEAFER from our new image RENDIGS! I guess simplier is better. Len

  • Congrats on the new look and brand! The site is great looking and represents the firm you have become! I wish you nothing but continued success moving forward.

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