Schaefer is growing and evolving in Phoenix just as the city itself is doing the same. It’s an exciting time for the both of us! Phoenix is a true melting pot of people and cultures from all over the United States, and what you find here reflects that.

1. Birth and rebirth. Even though Arizona has a reputation as a retirement haven, we actually have one of the youngest populations in the country. Phoenix offers you everything from the affordable suburban home with the picket fence to the studio loft in a vibrant town center to a micro-home in the arts district. Phoenicians enjoy and thrive on the urban renaissance that is bringing new life to our city center. No one embraces rebirth and redevelopment quite like a phoenix!

2. Easy to get around. Phoenix and Maricopa County continue to make investments in transportation systems, including a highway system that has been called the smoothest in the United States. Phoenix also enjoys one of the newest light rail systems in the nation (opened in 2008) and has aggressive plans to triple the size of the system in the coming years beyond the 26 miles that are already spurring growth and development in the downtown and mid-town central core. We’re well on our way to a car(e)free lifestyle.

3. We live in the desert. Yes, the summer months in Phoenix can be hot (but it’s a dry heat!) and at times downright oppressive, but as we tell our northern friends, “I never have to scrape off my windshield or shovel my sidewalk.” Phoenix enjoys being the sunniest major city in the United States – you never have to wonder if the weather will cooperate for a backyard BBQ!

4. The outdoors is calling. Phoenix’s South Mountain Regional Park is the largest municipal park in North America and is part of the greater Phoenix Mountain Preserve system. These parks and preserves feature literally thousands of hiking and biking trails for people of all skill levels. And just a short distance outside Phoenix you can find the forested wilderness of state and national parks that are like nothing else on the planet. In the winter months, Flagstaff and Northern Arizona offer skiing and snowboarding  a short drive from home.

5. The location. Phoenix is conveniently located within driving distance of a variety of environments: snow covered mountains, California beaches, Mexico and even Las Vegas. Phoenix also has “America’s Friendliest Airport” with direct flights to nearly every major city in the United States, Mexico, Canada and London.

6. We eat – a lot. Phoenix of course has great authentic Mexican and Southwest fare, but we have new restaurants popping up each day ranging from the fanciest couture cuisine to the newest food truck creation or that restaurant you just saw on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. And Phoenix has long held the title of the best pizza in the United States with the original Pizzeria Bianco.

7. We drink a lot, too. We’re just down the street from Four Peaks Brewing Company as well as numerous other micro brews in all corners of the valley. These are showcased in beer festivals across the state letting you get outside and enjoy some of what we have to offer. And who could forget Arizona Beer Week every February… when other parts of the country are shivering we’re on patios enjoying refreshing cold local brews – come join us for a pint!

8. Root for our home teams all year-round. Phoenix really does have all your favorite sports:

9. Go see a show. We enjoy major concerts at our stadiums or arenas, Broadway productions at ASU Gammage, performances at Herberger Theater Center, or even puppet shows at the small theater on the corner. And the First Fridays Phoenix art walks brings people from all over the valley to enjoy the warm evenings strolling through our growing arts districts.

10. Learn our story. Phoenix’s museums – Phoenix Art Museum, Native American collections at the Heard Museum, the world-renowned Musical Instrument Museum, and plenty of local sites – showcase the history and uniqueness of the people who have inhabited the Valley of the Sun for hundreds of years.

What do you love about Phoenix?

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