Staff Spotlight: John To

We welcome John To as a design engineer and the newest member of our structural engineering team.

1. Favorite thing to do off the clock?

I enjoy playing video games with friends and going to the gym.

2. Favorite sports and teams?

My favorite sport is basketball, which I played growing up, and my favorite team is the Boston Celtics. I also recently started watching mixed martial arts which is quite exciting.

3. Most prized possession/what you couldn’t live without (outside of family and friends)?

My gaming laptop.

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I’m annoyed with people who walk slowly on purpose in front of me.

5. What would you do with $1 million?

I would pay off my student loans and invest the rest of it.

6. What’s your favorite day of the week?

Saturdays are great because I’m free the entire day and I can relax knowing that I have Sunday next.

7. If you weren’t a structural engineer, what would you be?

I would still want to be in the engineering field. I would try either aerospace or mechanical engineering.

8. What’s on your bucket list?

I’m still adding to my bucket list, but would like to see the Grand Canyon and the Northern Lights.

9. What is a skill that you don’t have, but wish you did?

I wish I had skills in martial arts or boxing.

10. If you could design a structure anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would like to design a structure in New York City.


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