Staff Spotlight: Chris Schwartz, PE

Our Cincinnati office welcomes Chris Schwartz as a project manager!

1. What is your favorite thing to do off the clock?

I like to golf,¬†although I don’t do this as often as I used to.

2. Favorite sports and teams.

My favorite sport is baseball. I love to watch the Cincinnati Reds.

3. Meet my family.

I have been married for 13 years to my wife, Ellen. We have two children, Sophia (7) and Joe (6).

4. What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life?

My brother, at one point in his career, attempted stand up comedy. I laughed pretty hard watching him in the Funniest Man in Cincinnati contest.

5. What market/material is your specialty and why?

I have gravitated towards the residential market. I like the smaller scale and the opportunity to work with and meet many different types of clients.

6. What’s on your bucket list?

I would love to build my own home someday.

7. What is a skill that you don’t have, but wish you did?

I wish I could play the guitar.

8. What would you do with $1 million?

I would invest most of it, donate some to charity and take a vacation to Australia.

9. What inspired you to choose your profession?

As a child, I was always interested in construction and how structures are built. In my early teens I started working for my mom’s home building business which furthered my interest. This led me to choose structural engineering as a career path.

10. Why did you choose to join Schaefer?

Having worked in the industry for several years, I have come to know Schaefer as having an excellent reputation.


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