how have you shared kindness today?

Here’s what we ask of you – send just one piece of kindness out into the world. Don’t overthink it. Make it personal, make it performance-based. Give it to your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. Let’s build up positivity + connection during this stressful time of year.

For every kindness posted below, we’ll donate $20 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).
Post as many kindnesses as you share – there’s no limit. We want a feed full of kindness. We hope it brings joy + possible ideas on how to incorporate kindness in daily life past this campaign.

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I bought flights for my siblings to come visit me for the holidays so we could enjoy the merry season together (Posted Anonymously)

My 6 y.o. daughter loves to be creative. She has used her skills to write cards to her family, friends and teachers. Every time she gives me a card to say "I love you" warms my heart. (Posted Anonymously)

I gave the dog an extra treat! (Posted Anonymously)

Made a from scratch dinner for my extended family of 8 last night. (Posted Anonymously)

My sister and her family are surprising my parents this Christmas by flying in on Christmas Eve! They are going to be so excited to see them and spend our holiday as a complete family. (Posted by: Jen)

I hosted a surprise party for my mom's 75th birthday. She cares for everyone around her and never asks for anything in return. She was so surprised and said it was the best birthday she's ever had. (Posted Anonymously)

Fellow co-workers enjoyed making smores and passing along notes of Kindness! Thanks for the great opportunity to pay it forward. (Posted By: Champlin Architecture)

Smore Kindness photo

Shared a big thank you to our office coordinator! I'm so appreciative of all they do (Posted Anonymously)

I joined my co-workers for the s'mores activity! Thank you for the opportunity to write a kind note to a family member. (Posted Anonymously)

My mom has had a rough 2023, I sent her a card for well wishes of a better 2024. (Posted Anonymously)

My co-worker bought me a coffee (Posted by: Erin)

While I was at the grocery, I struggled to reach an item on the top shelf. A tall stranger noticed, stopped, and grabbed it for me. (Posted Anonymously)

The coffee shop around the corner from my house allows you to pre-buy a coffee and fill out a little card with their name on it, so they can get the coffee whenever they next visit the cafe. Instead of people's names, the pillar was full of notes for free coffee for anyone going through a hard time this holiday season. We added another one to it. (Posted Anonymously)

You know those surveys that people always ask you to fill out, but you throw away when you leave the store? I actually filled one out. The post office employee was kind and thoughtful and should hear more praise for her work. (Posted Anonymously)

I was on an email where a colleague sent very kind and thoughtful praise to one of our peers. It inspired me to do the same in my next engagement. (Posted Anonymously)

I collected several runaway carts in a parking lot to help prevent damage to cars. (Posted Anonymously)

My husband helped a guy start his car when he saw him stranded in a parking lot. I was so proud of him. (Posted Anonymously)

I surprised my elderly father and took him on a date to dinner and a show he'd been wanting to see. He was so surprised and touched, and I got to spend a night listening to his stories and laughing with him to Mrs. Doubtfire. There is nothing more valuable than sharing your time with someone. (Posted by: Katt)

A coworker dropped by my house after work to share some delicious cookies with me that she made. It was really sweet and unexpected. (Posted Anonymously)

I smiled at a stranger in the grocery story. They smiled back, and paid it forward. (Posted Anonymously)

After a show at the Aronoff, the elevator was full but stopped at the second-to-last floor. The doors opened to several elderly people in wheelchairs, who couldn't make it into the elevator because it was constantly too full. Instead of forcing them to wait again, everyone who could walk down the stairs (some with help) got out of the elevator to make room. (Posted Anonymously)

My neighbor wanted her kids to learn the value of a life, so she had them assemble care packages for Cincinnati's homeless and deliver them in person. I played a very small role in shopping for the food for those packages. (Posted Anonymously)

I donated to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank to help those in need. (Posted by: Lynmarie Wahl)

I donated $200 to Saved by Fate Dog Rescue to help them rescue dogs in need during the holiday season. (Posted by: Lynmarie Wahl)

I helped the lady in a wheelchair shopping cart behind me in line place her groceries on the conveyor belt at the checkout. (Posted by: Doug Steimle)

left a $20 tip on a $50 bill for great service. (Posted Anonymously)

(Posted By: Jason ross)

holding a smore

Shared s’mores and good times with co-workers (Posted by: JPA Architecture)

Merry Christmas!! (Posted By: Jason Ross)

Making a smore

We share s’mores with everyone! Merry Christmas! (Posted by: Mike Sune)

We had s'mores after lunch today and spent some quality time with our coworkers (Posted By: MA Design)

Making smores outside

My collegue is pulling together samples for me for a Monday presentation to save me time. (Posted Anonymously)

(Posted By: Tracie Ash)

Making smores outside

A friend of our family just lost their mother/grandmother. As her condition worsened I made sure to check in with my friend every couple of days and offered to do any daily tasks she needed such as grocery shopping or taking her kids to activies so she could spend more time with her mom. My family including my kids all went to the calling hours to be with the family even though we found it difficult timing with our other activities. (Posted Anonymously)

My daughter, she is seven, at lunch yesterday gave a friend her lunch after he spilled all his food on the floor. She is always thinking of others and so kind. (Posted by: Heather)

I surprised my 92-year old mother with a pizza dinner while I decorated her house for Christmas. (Posted by: Cindy)

We volunteered at a gift processing effort that provides Christmas gifts to children with incarcerated parents, (Posted by: Jorge)

Donated to my church to undergo an expansion to accommodate the congregation. (Posted by: Anonymous)

Donated toys for our office Toys for Tots! (Posted Anonymously)

The company I work for Davis participated in Christmas Angel Donations. My company does this every year, we make it a whole shopping experience, it is all of our favorite Christmas activity! (Posted Anonymously)

The Campus Environments Studio at SCB decorated Christmas trees and delivered them to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. We were happy to help make the rooms of kids who are having to spend the holidays in the hospital a little merry and bright. (Posted by: Vickie)

My niece came to City Flea with me for some Christmas shopping and wanted to get friendship bracelets because I was her bestie. It was so kind and made me so happy to have some a wonderful niece in my life. (Posted by: Melanie)

My nephew bought a house and I spent the weekend insulating and hanging / finishing drywall for him in a room that had water damage and had been gutted.. (Posted by: Gary)

Our Girl Scout group is working with toys for tots to collect wrapping paper and gifts bags so the donated gifts can be wrapped (Posted by: Girl Scout Troop 2998)

Yesterday a good Samaritan called the police when someone tried to break into my car (Posted by: Christine)

Community I live in, including myself, donated a total of $8,000 to the local school district to support children in the area. (Posted Anonymously)

Our Admin Assistant is going through chemo so our department took up a collection and gave her a spa day for a birthday present. She was moved to tears and was looking forward to treating herself to a day at the spa. (Posted by: Beth McFarlane, Ohio History Connection)

Donated free legal advice to the Legal Aid Society's tenant advisory project, working to help underserved folks avoid being evicted (Posted Anonymously)

My neighbor is a divorced single man who's children (three, all grown and married) are either living far from Cincinnati or are not available to him on Christmas or Christmas Eve. My family has invited him to our Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange (as we did for Thanksgiving and in years past). This is a kind of tradition for us now, so that he has become a kind of Bonus Uncle to my family. (Posted Anonymously)

I took a friend out to lunch who lost his job. I wanted to let him know that people care. (Posted Anonymously)

With the holiday season upon us, DFDG Architecture looks forward to our annual tradition of spreading joy and warmth. Each year, we adopt a family for the Holidays. We take great pleasure in buying presents, handing out gift cards, and providing a festive holiday dinner for them. But that's not all! In the spirit of the season, each of our staff members is also given $100 to carry out a random act of kindness. It's truly inspiring to see how each one uses this opportunity – some choose to donate to their church, others give to their favorite charity, and some even buy cases of water for the homeless. We believe in the magic of the holiday season and hope … Read More

I donated a Chrome Book, to the Hildebrand organization, for a parent to give it as a gift to their teen for Christmas. (Posted by: Jane)

I brought coffee and donuts for my team today! (Posted Anonymously)

Participated in the Knights of Columbus' winter coat drive that buys new coats for people in need (Posted Anonymously)

Participated in our parish giving tree; buying several toys and items of need for families in the area (Posted Anonymously)

My sister suffers from long term depression and we were able to go out to lunch last week and get her out of her apartment. Her struggles with mental health deplete so much happiness from her life. Thank you for starting this kindness campaign (Posted Anonymously)

At a volunteer event this past weekend, I helped a foster teen pay for a pair of shoes he loved but exceeded his remaining gift card balance. Also treated him to Wetzel Pretzels. (Posted Anonymously)

Today my son brought me lunch since I didn't have time to go get it. (Posted Anonymously)

When the foster child went over his one-hundred-dollar gift card at this weekend volunteer event I covered the difference, also got the kids Starbucks. (Posted Anonymously)

A group of bikers and I collaborated to help 15 kids get Xmas presents this year. Their families fell on hard times and we were able to help out. (Posted Anonymously)

We paid for a person's groceries. (elderly lady) (Posted by: Dr. Charlotte Gurule)

We took a meal to friends who recently had a baby. (Posted Anonymously)

We do this every year at CHRISTmas. We find a family while shopping in Walmart, and give them 50 dollars. What a feeling!!! and also, buy a boys gift and a girls gift to donate locally in our small town to a family that needs a little help. (Posted Anonymously)

Donated to a family that lost a young mother and wife in a car accident last week (Posted by: Claire)

A coworker surprised me with a plant at my desk! (Posted Anonymously)

Everyone loved it! So unique! (Posted Anonymously)

My phone refused to work. A friend went way out of her way to bring me a different charger that might work and brought treats with her too (Posted Anonymously)

I had too many things in my hand and woman saw me struggling to open the door. She opened it for me and then offered to help me the rest of the way to the office I was getting to (Posted by: Amelia)

I was at the store looking for a birthday card for my sister and was having trouble finding a birthday card that I liked. A person nearby asked how I was doing and if I needed help. I told them I was having a hard time finding a card for my sister. They helped me find a card for her! It was a small act of kindness, but it helped to lighten the mood! (Posted by: Anonymous)

Today I helped a colleague learn how to set 0,0 on her autocad file (Posted Anonymously)

I have a neighbor that has helped me out with not only my pup during the day but has also helped to take care of my daughter’s pup I am ‘grandma’ sitting for. Another unexpected random act of kindness! (Posted Anonymously)

This morning, one of my work associates surprised me and delivered a box of my favorite sweets to my workstation! She remembered this from a conversation a long while ago – the unexpected power of random acts of kindness! (Posted Anonymously)

This weekend I was in the grocery check-out behind a senior that couldn't get their credit card to work, so I offered to just buy their groceries. It wasn't a lot of money, but it was amazing how much it meant to them. (Posted Anonymously)

Last night my coworkers came from across town to see my performance with my community orchestra. This makes me so happy to have support from them and to also give them the gift of music <3 (Posted Anonymously)

We complimented and thanked a crafter on her booth at the German Village Craft Fair last week. (Posted Anonymously)

I helped a coworker with a technical computer issue so they could keep working. I was happy to help and they were really appreciative! (Posted Anonymously)

My dad came to visit over the weekend and helped me with home improvement projects. Getting help and spending time with family is a great joy! (Posted Anonymously)

We bought a birthday cake for a new employee. (Posted Anonymously)

Today, I help someone find their friend by providing contact information. (Posted Anonymously)

launched a holiday-long fundraising campaign on my instagram to help raise awareness and donations for #feedingamerica to combat hunger here in america @johncarmean (Posted by: John Carmean)

Donated to Children's Hospital. (Posted Anonymously)

Made 'Giving Tuesday' donations to our local PBS TV Station, Public Radio Station, The Newshour & our local foodbank. (Posted Anonymously)

Provided a Christmas Tree to a family. (Posted Anonymously)

Donated $50 today to the Cincinnati Freestore Food Bank during their triple match hour on Giving Tuesday (Posted Anonymously)

I helped a former neighbor out with their new condo and despite insisting I didn't need anything in return, they surprised me with a visit over the weekend to deliver beautiful holiday decorations for our porch. They obviously spent enough years across the street from us to know that they wouldn't be displacing any plans we had to land a photo in architectural digest. (Posted by: Greg Riley)

I have organized a food drive for Bloc Ministries, The Shelterhouse that will take place on 12/23. (Posted Anonymously)

bought a christmas gift for a child in the community in need (Posted Anonymously)

Trent offered me a ride when my car was broken into at the office a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I was able to clean up the glass and get home, but I appreciated his genuine concern and offer to help. (Posted by: Peter)

I help out with my church to provide meals, housing, and entertainment for their kids once a month. (Posted Anonymously)

My husband and I installed a couple new lights for my sister-in-law. (Posted Anonymously)

My family volunteered to deliver meals to people in need. We plan to continue this throughout the year for years to come. (Posted by: Paul K.)

A friend tested positive for Covid a few days before Thanksgiving. I brought him cold medicine, and checked to see if he wanted Thanksgiving Dinner delivered to him after we had eaten, but another group of friends had already made sure he had turkey and sides. I gave him more leftovers the next day. He was very grateful for friends that had made sure he was able to make the best of a bad situation. (Posted Anonymously)

I got certified as an ESL tutor so I can partner with my local library to help people in my community. (Posted Anonymously)

Helped a neighbor with a request that was an easy 15 minute thing for me, but they were not able to do for themselves. It is a joy to help others, and makes me feel like its ok to ask for help too (then someone else can hopefully find joy in showing kindness/provding help). (Posted Anonymously)

I had two people randomly tell me I looked nice today. As a 45+ year old engineer, I don't know why that felt so good, but it did. (Posted Anonymously)

My mother-in-law drove 4 hours to watch our baby so my wife and I could go out for our anniversary! We went to an Indian restaurant and got coffee afterwards, then painted pottery the next morning! (Posted Anonymously)

Nick bought me lunch for my birthday and got others in the office to make me sweet birthday wish videos! (Posted by: Mollie)

I appreciate my sister for helping out extra to take care of my mom after having surgery. (Posted by: Jared Clifton)

Friends drove 5 hours just to wish me on my birthday! (Posted Anonymously)

Appreciate the French pastries from Matt Horne as a thank you for helping out during a time of transition. (Posted By: Lyn)


I donated money to a dog rescue in need of funds. (Posted by: Lyn)

A church in our neighborhood watched my 3 kids (for FREE!) so my wife and I could go out on a date! (Posted Anonymously)

Knowing that my wife was about to attain tenure at her job, I planned a weekend getaway for our family to celebrate this important milestone in her career. (Posted by: Mike Clark)

(Posted By: Jeff)

thank you note

We just moved to our first home and our neighbor has helped us rake leaves and also brought us a cake! (Posted by: Jacquelyn)

I taught a friend how to drive and helped them search for their first car! (Posted Anonymously)

Larry immediately offered to go out of his way to drive me to the mechanic shop to pick up my car this afternoon. I offered to buy him lunch as a thank you – he declined! Lara also offered to take me if anything changed. Took a ton of stress off of an already stressful situation! (Posted by: Nick)

Mollie had gone out of her way to buy decorations, come in to the office early, + decorate my desk for my birthday. It was very kind, thoughtful, + I felt extremely appreciated! (Posted by: Nick)

I hoped to lighten Franci's load while she was managing the financials during Margaret's leave and Nate's departure. I tried to check in frequently to see if I could help out with anything. Just wanted to make her feel supported and appreciated.. (Posted Anonymously)

I publicly thanked an internal team for helping execute a daunting task. I so appreciated their positivity! (Posted Anonymously)

I surprised my grandmother’s caregiver with one of her favorite Tim Horton’s drinks this morning to help her start her day! (Posted By: Jordan)

photo of drink