Culture is not a collection of boring words on fancy paper pinned to the company bulletin board. Culture is embodied in the people, reflected in the way we do business. Collaborative, hard working, innovative and passionate. In the office and in our communities. At Schaefer, we’re looking to partner with clients and hire individuals that bring their best everyday.

We invest in what matters,Image collage with several structural engineers and other graphics. people + projects.

  • We believe in learning from each other and our past experiences leveraging our subject matter experts across teams and projects
  • We’re advanced in the field using the latest technology and equipment pioneering full BIM implementation and mobile capability
  • Our employees are smart and getting smarter with continuing education opportunities and monthly in-house technical training
  • We work well in our own backyard and reach across the country leading professional organizations and earning registrations in all 50 states

We believe in empowerment + continuous growth.

  • Schaefer is 100% employee owned strengthening commitment and stimulating company-wide transparency into firm standing and initiatives
  • We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit allowing our employees to suggest and conquer new services and cities
  • We foster a supportive community assisting in and celebrating project wins and personal accomplishments
  • All staff members assume immediate responsibilities designing and managing diverse and challenging projects
  • Our experienced team members mentor Schaefer’s next generation teaching and cultivating technical training and leadership skills
  • Proud alumni of top universities, Schaefer works closely with local engineering schools promoting and educating our strong co-op program and future new hires
  • We are recognized nationally as a Best Firm to Work For

Join the team.