Traction Building Renovation + Facade Investigation
Cincinnati, Ohio

A hotel group converted the 15-story, 117,000 sq ft office building, originally constructed in 1903, into a boutique hotel with meeting space and a restaurant among other amenities. Schaefer reviewed the structural conditions of the exterior facade including the exterior components of the existing fire escape.

The team also designed interior renovations including:

> Two additional stair shafts to provide access to two levels below street level

> One additional elevator shaft to provide access to two levels below street level

> Creation/relocation of M/E/P shafts

> Demolition of existing elevator penthouse above the existing roof

> Creation of patio area + a partial additional story on the existing roof

> Support for new mechanical + electrical equipment on the existing roof

> New elevator shaft extensions to provide access to the additional story on the existing roof

> Extend existing fire escape to serve the existing 15th floor and the new rooftop patio + bar space

> Extend existing basement mezzanine space over the entire building footprint

> Repair + replace sidewalk framing on two sides of the building

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