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Zac Wilson, PE, SE
Project Engineer


Georgia Institute of Technology

Master of Science, Structural Engineering

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Previous research assistant in the area of blast engineering

Previous graduate teaching assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology

Received Best Structural Engineer Award from Disney’s Ultimate EnginEARing Exploration

Joined Schaefer in 2018

why did you choose to join schaefer?

To me, it was the perfect blend of employee expertise and creativity combined with exciting and interesting structural engineering projects.

what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

Since I was a kid, my dad and I would watch engineering shows like Build it Bigger and How It’s Made together. Then, in eighth grade, some engineers came to our math class to do an activity where we had to build a structure out of paper and tape that could hold as many textbooks as possible. My group won with a structure that held 27 textbooks (the number gets higher each time I tell it). Needless to say, I was hooked.

Zac Wilson Design Engineer Schaefer Cincinnati Office
contact me here
or call me at 513.542.3300

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