Amazing individuals, great company, incredible work.

Steve Schaefer, PE



University of Cincinnati

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


What has been your most surprising experience on the job?

While I never had a goal for employee growth, I have always hated turning away good clients. As more projects rolled in, I hired more engineers, modelers and administrative staff to meet the demand. I didn’t start this company planning to have over sixty-five employees in three offices; the success of the company has been a great surprise. I was especially satisfied with what we had accomplished when we were ranked the second best structural engineering firm to work for in the country.

Building stronger communities:

What has been your favorite project and why?

Early in my career I designed a tied-back wall system to underpin the foundation of an adjacent building for the excavation of the 580 Building in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. As I recall, the excavation went 22 ft below the footings of the adjacent 10 story building. This was the first time this method was used to underpin a major building in the United States. I shared my experience by presenting on the project at an American Society of Civil Engineers regional conference.