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Mike Merz, PE
Project Manager


University of Cincinnati

Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Design Strengths in Entertainment + Parking Markets
Mentor to New Schaefer Structural Engineers
Joined Schaefer as a Co-op Student in 2006

why are you proud to work for Schaefer?

I enjoy being challenged with unique projects at Schaefer. I’m part of a great group that delivers efficient projects and meets owner needs. I’ve always enjoyed Cincinnati and the tight-knit community feel. I’m lucky to live in a great environment and have the ability to do work that I enjoy.

what has been your favorite project?

I’ve worked on many temporary structures. I’ve designed stage structures for top names in music like Taylor Swift and Elton John, and kept athletes safe on X-Games and Tough Mudder structures. Of the different temporary events I’ve been involved with, my favorite was The Passion, a live performance televised on Fox. The event combined several temporary structures that had to be completed on a tight schedule. On a required site visit to review the installation, I caught the rehearsal and then watched the live televised version from home.

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