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Jim Graham, PE
Senior Project Manager


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


Residential home inspection leader


American Institute of Steel Construction

Custom Residential Architects Network

what has been your favorite project?

I enjoyed the Lords of the Arctic polar bear habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. This project, like all zoo projects, was unique and challenging. Placed into a hillside, the whole exhibit acts like a big retaining wall to support the hill behind it. The viewing pond was particularly unique using 4 in thick glass to hold back the water so everyone can enjoy watching the polar bears swim. Every time I go to the zoo, I still get a thrill seeing the bears swimming and all the people who are enjoying it.

what is your specialty?

I have gravitated towards residential and wood design in my career. I like the scale of residential design, the contact I have with lots of different clients from architects to homeowners, and the challenge that comes with the unique aspects of residential design. I also do a significant amount of forensic work whether that be reviewing cracks in a homeowner’s foundation walls or determining why a component is failing in a large building. It’s kind of like detective work. You look at all the different possibilities that could be causing the problem then narrow it down to the one that is the culprit.

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