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Jeff Martin


Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Associate in Civil Engineering Technology


Proven Design Experience on Retail Projects
Assists with Schaefer’s Cincinnati Office’s Logistics & Maintenance
Joined Schaefer in 2015

what has been your most suprising/exciting experience at Schaefer?

A couple of November’s ago, we had a pumpkin chuckin’ event where everyone brought in their Halloween pumpkin and took turns catapulting it across the parking lot with homemade devices. It was a fun way to get to know my colleagues.

what has been your favorite project?

I’ve worked on quite a few Kroger grocery stores that installed Kroger Clicklist. These projects were among my favorite because unlike some of my more distant projects, I was able to see the results of my work at my local Kroger.

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or call me at 513.542.3300