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Devon Bryant


New York Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Technology


Specializes in steel structures

Joined Schaefer in 2022

what inspired you to pursue modeling?

Growing up, we had a family friend who worked as an architect. She took me to her office during my freshman year of high school. I was inspired by her work and began taking drafting + AutoCAD classes at the vocational program my school offered. After that, I went to college for architecture and fell in love with building construction + design. I then began working with engineers after college and fell in love again; however, this time with building structures + design.

why did you choose to join schaefer?

When I was first researching Schaefer, I discovered the excellent infrastructure for remote workers and positive feedback about the company culture. This was the ultimate decision that drove me to apply and want to work at Schaefer.

Devon Bryant Modeler Schaefer
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or call me at 513.542.3300

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