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Carrie Bremer, PE
Project Manager


The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering



Presented Webinar Series with SE Solutions
Published by Structural Engineers Association of Ohio


Basic Education Committee Member of National Council of Structural Engineers Associations & Structural Engineers Association of Ohio, The Ohio State University Structural Engineers Association of Ohio Student Chapter Advisor

what inspired you to pursue structural engineering?

When I was in college, if found that I was fascinated by buildings and discovered that I found crystal structures boring. So when I switched majors from Materials Science, I considered both Architecture and Civil Engineering with an emphasis in structures. Structural Engineering was definitely the best fit for both my interests and the way my brain is “wired”.

why are you proud to work for Schaefer?

It is an awesome company! Schaefer offers great project diversity, allows employees the room and opportunity for personal and professional growth, and I have amazing co-workers that are both fun and stretch my technical knowledge as an engineer.

Carrie Bremer PE Project Manager Columbus Office Schaefer
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