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Brad Callahan


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science, Architecture


Primary Modeler on Almost 150 Projects, Almost One-Third are Retail
Detailed Projects Located in 21 Different States
Architectural Background
Joined Schaefer in 2013

what has been your favorite project?

University of Cincinnati’s Clifton Court Bridge was my favorite project because it involved repairing and creating drawings for the Design, Architecture, Art and Planning building where I went to school. It was an interesting project that required using multiple programs to piece information together.

what has been your most suprising/exciting experience at Schaefer?

With the wide variety of projects we work on across markets and across the country, some are well known and others you’ll never hear about. Being a part of the Kenwood Collection design team has been exciting not only because it’s local and I’ve been able to watch it be built/renovated, but also because I’ve been able to tell family and friends that I worked on it and they actually know what it is.

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